Student Associations

What is an international student organisation?

An organisation run by students from various countries, usually also for students. Characteristic for these organisations is that they are non-profit organisations, and are not linked to any political party. Also typical for an international student organisation is that it has networks all over Europe by being active in numerous academic cities and European countries. They are in the first place mobilising students to study abroad. Second, they create possibilities to make studying abroad easier for students. For example, by giving information and organising activities in Europe like study trips, projects, summer and training courses.

What can they offer you?

When you are interested in studying abroad, the first thing you need is good information. International student organisations can help you with this by informing about different exchange or international programs. When your exchange program is chosen, the next step is helping you with practical matters like accommodation etc. During your stay abroad, international student organisations can also help you integrate in local community by participating in different activities.

Next to studying in another country, another possibility is joining a board. Working together with students from all over Europe gives you the possibility to develop or strengthen your social-, leadership-, (project) organising-, finance or marketing skills. These skills are very valuable for your future career!

Joining an international student organization also broadens your interpersonal world. Not only by taking many of the possibilities that they offer you, but also through the experiences that come along with it. Think about new friendships from all around Europe you build up, or how learning more about specific cultures in Europe brings forth more respect and appreciation among each other.

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