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StudyPortals Scholarship - Terms and Conditions General

Official Rules for EUR1,000 StudyPortals Scholarship

Participation constitutes acceptance of these rules. Every 3 months, a different Scholarship Recipient will be awarded a EUR 1,000 scholarship as a contribution to the costs related to his/her academic studies. From all valid entries submitted, a Scholarship Recipient will be selected. The Potential Scholarship Recipient will be required to prove eligibility by providing the required information including full name, date of birth, address, and a proof of enrolment at a higher education institute. If these requirements are not fulfilled within 10 days, an alternate Potential Scholarship Recipient will be chosen.

The StudyPortals Scholarship is open only to individuals who are at least 18 years of age and are currently an enrolled and active student.

1. Defitions:

a. Student

A student is a person that is currently registered for and studying a full programme of at least 1 academic year at a higher education institute that is recognized by the competent authorities in the respective area.

b. Higher Education Institute

A higher education institute can be a university, university of applied sciences, college, or business school with the following properties:

It admits as regular students only persons with a high school diploma or equivalent; or admits as regular students persons who are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance.

It can be a public, private, or non-profit organization.

It is accredited or pre-accredited and is authorized by the competent authorities in the respective country, state or other area of operation.

c. Applicant

An applicant is a user that has a registered account on www.mastersportal.eu, www.bachelorsportal.eu, www.phdportal.eu, or www.shortcoursesportal.eu and has filled in the scholarship application form that can be found on the account overview no more than 6 months ago.

d. Potential Scholarship Recipient/Scholarship Recipient

A Potential Scholarship Recipient is the person that is selected by StudyPortals to receive the next StudyPortals Scholarship. The Potential Scholarship Recipient will become the Scholarship Recipient after the eligibility has been verified and StudyPortals has notified the Potential Scholarship Recipient that the scholarship will be granted.

e. Scholarship Provider

The Scholarship Provider organises and administrates the Scholarship. All decisions of the Scholarship Provider are final and binding in all matters related to the scholarship.

2. Scholarship Provider:

This scholarship is provided by StudyPortals, Torenallee 45, 5617 BA Eindhoven, The Netherlands, hereafter referred to as the Scholarship Provider.

3. Eligibility:

Application for this scholarship is open only to people who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry, and a currently enrolled and active student at a higher education institute. Participation constitutes applicant´s full and unconditional agreement to these Official Rules.

4. Duration:

Entries will be accepted starting Monday, August 1, 2013 and will continue for an unspecified duration.

5. Cancellation:

The scholarship may be cancelled at any time by the Scholarship Provider through an announcement on its website. No additional form of notice, written or oral, to the individual participants or potential participants will be given.

6. Application:

People who wish to apply for the scholarship should register an account on the StudyPortals website http://www.studyportals.eu/scholarship. Furthermore they should fill in the required Scholarship Application Form found on their account overview when the registered applicant is logged in to his/her account. The Applicant has to provide the Scholarship Provider with requested details. The application is valid for 6 months. An Applicant is automatically entered into the scholarship selection process for 6 consecutive months, starting with the month of the application. After 6 months a new application has to be submitted if the applicant wants to be considered for the scholarship again.

7. Application Terms:

By applying, applicants agree to comply with StudyPortals´ Terms of Service http://www.studyportals.eu/about/terms/. The applicant is asked to leave a review of their current study experience in the application. The applicant agrees to let StudyPortals publish this review on www.stexx.eu.

8. Awarding the scholarship:

The Scholarship will be awarded based on the quality of the application. All fields of the application form have to be filled. The application has to clearly show that the student is willing or planning to study abroad or is currently studying abroad for academic purposes. The application has to clearly show the intention to spend the received scholarship on purposes related to their academic career (e.g. comprising but not limited to tuition fees, travel costs that are directly related to the academic career, realization of a research project,...).

9. Announcing the Scholarship Recipient:

On the selected dates, the name of the Potential Scholarship Recipient will be posted on StudyPortals Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/StudyPortals and an email will be sent to the Potential Scholarship Recipient.

10. Verification of Potential Scholarship Recipient:

An applicant will not receive any grant unless and until their identity and eligibility has been verified and the applicant has been notified that the verification is complete. The Potential Scholarship Recipient will be required to provide evidence of eligibility in order to claim his/her scholarship. Therefore, they are required to provide their name, date of birth, address, and a proof of enrolment at a higher education institute within 10 days after the initial notification. If the Potential Scholarship Recipient cannot be contacted, or fails to fulfil the eligibility requirements within the required time period, the applicant forfeits the grant.

11. Scholarship Grant:

A one-time cash grant in the value of EUR1,000 will be awarded to one Scholarship Recipient every quarter of a year. For the duration of the StudyPortals Scholarship initiative every 3 months a new recipient is selected. The Scholarship cannot be substituted and is not transferable or assignable. The Scholarship Recipient will be contacted through the email provided at entry. If response and eligibility requirements are not received within 10 days, an alternate Potential Scholarship Recipient will be chosen. Scholarship Recipients will not be eligible for further scholarships in the future.

12. Publicity:

Except where prohibited, application for the scholarship constitutes Scholarship Recipient consent to, publish his/her name, photo and country of study on the StudyPortals websites, and other communications channels, comprising but not limited to newsletter articles, social media posts, and community announcements.

QUESTIONS OR INFORMATION: If you have any scholarship related questions, please e-mail: feedback@studyportals.eu

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